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MyCuteBuddy is a program that brings an interactive cat on your desktop
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MyCuteBuddy is an interactive program that brings a digital pet cat onto your desktop. The cat has to be fed and washed daily and you can play with it, send it to the bathroom for its daily needs or to shower, and when you aren't interacting with it, it will stay on your desktop. Now, the cat doesn't just sit quietly on the desktop, it waves, it licks the screen, it acts cute and so on.

The virtual buddy can also dance and it doesn't know just one dance, it knows many. It also has different dance moves depending on the music it plays. You can take pictures of it and post them on Facebook. It can express the love it has for you in many different ways. It can kiss the screen, it can draw a heart on a piece of paper and it can even send you a virtual text message.

The buddy can repeat whatever you say in a much funnier tone: just select the microphone icon and talk. It also has very different interaction animations depending on where you poke it. Some are a lot funnier than others.

Since the pet is always hungry you can feed him many different things and of course it eats everything in a unique way.

MyCuteBuddy will definitely give a bit of life to your desktop, and you can always have some fun with it.

Dennis Niels
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